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    I need info about possibly filling to run for a position on the board of the SUSD.
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    What time is the LD23 meeting tomorrow, Jan 17th?
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    Interested in becoming a PC.
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    Is anyone running for AZ Legislature in our district?
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    Will there be a meeting in September 2017 at the Fountain Hills Community Center? Date & time, please.

    Thank you.
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    I discussed with John Ainlay getting a list of neighbors in my area to contact and canvass. Can you provide that? Also, add me to your email list. and would like to further discuss volunteer options. Hope to see you all June 21. Thanks, D. Rakinic
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    Dear Sirs, my 97 year old Aunt, who has been politically active her entire life ( worked on local campaigns in NY, etc) now resides in Scottsdale. She lives at The Patrician ( an independent living facility.) She " thirsts" for political discussion, which her living facility doesn’t offer. Is there a way that someone can come to discuss politics with her? This is a woman who has participated in the Marches on washington, civil rights marches, etc. Always belonged to a political forum. She doesn’t drive any longer . Would someone volunteer to visit her to speak “politics?” She resides at "The Patrician, " in Scottsdale.Thanks for your time.
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    Please add me to your newsletter list. Thanks!

    Mary Jo
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    SENATOR JEFF FLAKE ALERT! GET IN HIS FACE! Monday the 20th! Friends, our weasel Senator will be available at the Graham County Republican Party Lincoln Day Event this Monday. Tickets are cheap. Be there and share your outrage!!! Feb 20, 2017: Annual Lincoln Day Lunch event. Noon at Eastern Arizona College. Keynote speaker is Senator Jeff Flake. Rep. Drew John will also be speaking. Purchase tickets at $25 each, call 928-651-0455.
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    How do I send you an e-mail message with an attachment? I did sketches at the meeting last night and though you would enjoy them.
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    Looking for Indivisible groups in this area.
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    Are there any Indivisible groups in this area? Thank you!
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    Do you know about this? Groups are starting in all of the legislative districts
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    Please send me your newsletter weekly
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    Does anyone want to do this?Urgent Action Before Friday Vote of the Electoral College

    Folks, please take a few moments to read the below, and the actions we are suggesting won’t take more than 10-15m.

    Not sure if any of you saw this, but Lawrence Lessig, the Harvard Law professor who has partnered with the law firm Durie Tangri to offer free legal counsel to any Republican elector who chooses to not vote for Trump on the 19th, announced last night that 20 Electors thus far have contacted the firm about "voting their conscience” (i.e. writing in another Republican as opposed to voting for Trump). This is a hugely important development. Another Elector, Christopher Suprun of Texas, announced last week that he will not vote for Trump (and will instead write in John Kasich’s name). We just need 16 more Republican electors to deprive Trump of the 270 votes he needs to win, at which point the election would be decided by the House. Even if, in the end, the House selects Trump—and even if fewer than 37 electors end up changing their votes—it would be a serious blow to Trump’s “mandate” to have a significant block of electors vote against him.

    At the bottom of this email is a selective list of 40 Republican Electors, a number of whom have either indicated dissatisfaction with Trump or are from districts that voted for HRC. (If you’re feeling ambitious and want to contact more, a spreadsheet with all Electors’ information is here.) While it’s totally viable and appropriate for you to contact any of these Electors as a NY resident, if you can contact your family and friends in these states and ask them to also be in touch, it would be even better. (In the Facebook search bar, you can simply type in “my friends who live in [state or city]" to find friends in these states.)

    Here is a sample message (please feel free to tweak or personalize further) that can either be emailed, posted on the Elector-in-question’s Facebook page, or, where phone numbers are available, left on a voicemail. The key here is to take a respectful, realistic —asking a Republican Elector to change their votes to HRC is a potentially counterproductive exercise—and supportive tone. Remember, these people are risking not only their political careers but very possibly their safety by voting against Trump.

    I am contacting you to request that you join, if you haven’t already, the 20 Republican electors who are now strongly considering not voting for Donald Trump when the Electoral College meets next Monday. I realize you have been subjected to serious political pressure from the RNC—not to mention numerous threats to your well-being—and I understand how dramatically such a vote could affect your life. But as legal experts have pointed out, electors are constitutionally permitted to vote their conscience. I do not expect you to vote for Hillary Clinton, but I strongly believe that there are more reasonable Republicans who could handle the pressures and responsibilities of the Presidency whose names you could offer as alternatives should enough electors choose to do the same and send the election back to the House. I can promise you that this is not a partisan issue, nor an ideological one. Donald Trump has demonstrated, time and time again, that he lacks the experience, temperament, focus, and moral compass necessary to hold the most powerful position in the world. In addition, his refusal to disentangle his companies from foreign assets and debts is in violation of the Constitution’s Foreign Bribery Clause, and the CIA reported that Russia actively interfered in the presidential election.

    I love this country, and all that it stands for, and I am convinced—as are many Americans, Republican and Democrat alike—that Donald Trump has no respect for our democracy or for his fellow citizens. Please consider these words when you cast your vote on the 19th; the future of the country, I truly believe, is in the hands of you and your fellow electors. (In case you aren’t aware, there is an organization, The Elector’s Trust, offering free and confidential legal counsel to any Elector who is considering changing his or her vote. They can be reached here.)



    Jane Lynch: (Facebook page:; not a Trump fan


    Mary Padgett:

    Joshua Shook:,

    Bobbie D. Frantz: (LinkedIn page:
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