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  • Will Graven
    commented 2016-02-15 20:16:29 -0700

    Good morning.

    My name is Will Graven.

    I am about to begin a recall effort against Mark Brnovich for public corruption.

    It is my intent to contact Ms. Rotellini, who ran against Brnovich, as you will know, to ask if she might direct me to some of her former staff, et al, as I seek assistance/support.

    And I am writing to ask you if you might be able to assist me, in some/any manner.

    Please allow me to explain why I am embarking upon this effort.

    I am the victim of fraud at the hands of several of my previous employees and related parties, and as a result, I lost several hundred million dollars.

    Assistant Chief of Special Investigations and Special Agent Dan Woods (and others) at the Arizona Attorney General’s Office conducted an over 4-year investigation, which has resulted (thus far) in nine people being indicted by an Arizona State Grand Jury on more than 50 felony charges (most defendants have pled guilty).

    As Assistant Chief Woods conducted his investigations, he uncovered evidence that the large and powerful law firm, Snell & Wilmer, had also engaged in criminal conduct. Rather than charge Snell & Wilmer, AG Mark Brnovich, Chief Deputy Mike Bailey, Criminal Division Chief Don Conrad, and Fraud and Special Prosecutions Chief Paul Ahler (whose son works at Snell & Wilmer) fired Assistant Chief Woods, three days before Christmas, for creating and providing to various parties a PowerPoint that proves Snell & Wilmer’s criminal culpability. The AG is now retaliating against me by closing down my cases (just as we are on the ½ yard line of the last several cases), and he is trying to remove me as the victim of my crimes.

    The entire PowerPoint is now available on YouTube despite the AG’s Office’s refusal to provide it pursuant to several lawful public records requests. Please, take some time to watch the PowerPoint with an open mind (it is lengthy), and help me put an end to the corruption that permeates the Arizona Attorney General’s Office.

    (please see, amongst other, the first few slides, and the last 10 slides, which are the recommended charges against Snell & Wilmer)

    Thanking you in advance for your time and consideration as to how you might help me…I look forward to hearing from you.


    Will Graven

    Per. Mbl. Ph.: 928-890-8825